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The Australian Trade & Logistics Corporation (ATLC) has been established to support importers, exporters and related product/service providers navigate and adapt to the fast-paced changes in global trade and increasing supply chain fulfilment expectations of end consumers.

This support is in the form of fun and educational industry events, training workshops and information sessions, which are often partnered with other specific sectors, or agencies to discuss new and exciting opportunities.

ATLC also works closely with many overseas trade agencies and/or Consulates to support bi-lateral trade and investment initiatives between Australia and other global markets (which represent buyers, sellers and investment partners).

In addition to the above programs, ATLC also has a range of expert advisors who are able to delivery customised consulting services across a diverse range of programs to assist individual organisations or even collaborative programs for industry associations or regional bodies.



Lawrence Christoffelsz

Lawrence has 25+ years’ experience across almost every aspect of international trade and supply chain covering a diverse range of industry sectors and global markets.He has proven expertise in building innovative logistics and market entry solutions through innovative distribution modelling, fulfilment strategies and strategic stakeholder partnerships.

Lawrence established The Australian Trade & Logistics Corporation to ensure importers and exporters are kept up to date with the latest international trade, logistics and supply chain innovations and providers in order for them to achieve long-term growth and success when doing business globally. ( He has an outstanding record of achievement in international supply chain improvements and commercial contract negotiations, is an excellent communicator coupled with an ability to actively manage people and positive change.

Lawrence is regularly engaged by international trade agencies, Consulates and Industry Associations as a services facilitator and/or regular expert speaker/panellist.

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